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One more review on the Naked 3 palette!

Hello my lovely friends!
 Today I want to talk to you about a palette that has had a lot, and I mean A LOT of press lately. It is everywhere on the blogs, all the youtubers talk about it .... people want to know about it, is it worth the price, should they buy it or skip it?

First of alll you might be surprised to see that I did not insert any pictures on this blog of swatches or of the actual palette or even of any look that I did using it. The reason is that pictures like that are all over the place, just google it and you can see more that you ever have time for.

I bought it when it first came out and I anxiously waited for it. i bought it for full price on beautybay. The palette came .....In the meantime I bought a fake palette (Naked 3 fake) from an ebay while knowing it was a fake for 10 dollars just for the fun of it, to compare so to say.....

And here comes the surprise....I use the fake one more!


Because all the combinations that I tried with the real one end up looking all the same. While with the fake one, because they didnt get some colors quite "right" , you can achieve more looks, more cheap looking looks, this is true, but looks nonetheless.

If you know how to work with eyeshadows, using the right primers, brushes etc, you can make ANY eyeshadow work. So why buy the expensive real thing?

Well, maybe the colors are unique (not the case here, as they end up all looking the same), maybe the pigmentation and blendability are awesome which makes life easier and since you can afford it , why not (well not the case here either). Maybe because the packaging is really pretty.... ( personally I do think that urban decay could have made it look better than the cheap plastic that they have inside, even a different color would look less cheap. Imagine that the outer shell of the palette of the fake and the real one are actually the same). The colors look the same but swatch very differently.

I get that it is the idea behind it that make it so popular, what with the golden rose tones...but to me , it looks like muted blushes with fallout (the light shades and the mattes shades) while the dark ones are just muddy.

You can use this palette for its dark tones thought. I mean if it wasnt for all this hype and I had bought it for the dark tones which are the main tones on the palette, I would be happy but you cannot complete interesting daytime tutorials without adding something extra in the mix!

I know I am quite trashing this palette....but hey I paid a hefty amount and I must say I  am not finding it very enjoyable doing my makeup with it!

For me this was a risky movement from urban decay, wanting to cash out from the previous two palettes, which I have and are very very good by just adding some shades that they didnt before ( and I guess there was a reason for that as it was proven later on) in order to get done with all these naked -nude- neutral makeup before they go on to brights again, which they did by launching the electric light pressed pigment palette.

To conclude, I suggest you skip this palette and only buy a melon- golden- pink pigment that you can mix with your favorite beige, brown, gold and copper and black eyeshadows and completely replace this palette, actually achieving more shades and better shades ,if I might say,  this way.

So girls, tell me what you think of my review. Do you think I have got the wrong end of the stick? Do you agree or disagree with me? Leave your comments below!

Love you all

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