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Too Faced eyeshadow palette!

A trip to Sephora was all it took for me to lay eyes on and eventually buy the summer edition of the "Too Faced" eyeshadow palette!!!!

Here are some pictures so you can get an idea of how it looks like! You can click on them for better definition and to enlarge them. I have not swatched them but they work very well with a primer, although I must say the pigmentation is not very good, if you think of the cost of the palette which is 34 euros. 

All in all, however, I like them because, with a primer, they look very nice, are easy to apply and the colors are very well thought of and put together!  
This is a palette which you can grab for your summer holidays and create different looks. You have more of the base colors which will result hopefully in an even usage of all the eyeshadows thus a full usage of the palette.This means that you will not be faced with the situation where the best color is used up before the rest 
So no more talking...Off to the pictures! 


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Rafalena είπε...

πολυ ομορφη παλετα πηρες!την χαλβαδιαζα το καλοκαιρι και εγω.Οταν εχεις χρονο κανε ενα τουτοριαλ με το πιο αγαπημενο σου συνδυασμο απο τη παλετα.:)

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