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Self care!

I am not usually a person that focuses on details and rituals. I am spontaneous and usually forget things that are part of everyday beauty routine,like brushing my teeth every night, tweezing my eyebrows everyday ( I wonder what is the norm for that activity), or even brush my hair for everyday.

When I have to be ready and be presentable , it will take me 45 minutes max and that is including the shower, the blowdrying of my hair, my dressing up, my makeup and everything. So I think that is real quick for girls.

Question: How much time does it take you to get ready to go to work, to go for errands, to go for coffee or to go out clubbing and partying or attending special events? Answer with comments please!!!

Anyway, today I got up from my midday siesta ( here in Greece, siesta is a MUST) and unfortunately for me that is 3 hours of sleeping from 3 till 6. I know.... I know... this is not normal, but what can I do. It seems that my insomnia wants to be my friend at night and completely forgets about me during midday hours, when even if I try to stay awake, I just cant.

I got up and I didnt feel in the mood for anything, not even frappe coffee and let me tell you, this is strange for any greek person. So, I decided to have a long shower , exfoliatate, pluck hair from armpits and legs, moisturise and actually give my hair some shape while blow drying it!

I must say I feel so much better now. How great is it to be completely alone at hone, have all the time in your hands where you are not supposed to do absolutely anything, to just say I will work tomorrow, but right now I am going to relax and not do shit! Most of the days that this happens to us, we feel boredom, we kinda feel useless. Today was different. I actually felt like taking care of myself and it actually had results on my peace and serenity. I do feel so much better now. Not that I will go out partying and conquering the world, but I feel an inner peace , which I like very very much!

Question: Do you have days like that? How often do you take care of yourself? Do you have a ritual?
How does it make you feel? How often do you do it? How did you start doing it?

So I will be closing this post and going off to read a book and relax completely in a moment. But before I do that, I want to tell you about a baby gel that I used on my legs to moisturise them. It is the proderm sleep easy baby gel with lavender and chamomile. It costs around 5 euros and it takes for ages to finish as you need very few drops of the gel. It is very moisturising, smells like divine relaxation and is not sticky or oily at all. I highly recommend it for your spa rituals at home. Here is a picture of the product.

That's all for today! Off to my book now! love!!! answer the questions and leave a comment if you would like!!!



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